Non SICuitur Show

2/2/16 Update: We haven’t hosted a proper Non-SIC show in a while…but interest is brewing. If you would like to be in an open-mic style show, please Contact Us.


The Non SICuitur show is an open-mic type of event that allows anyone to showcase and experiment with new material.

Do you have a talent? Do you like to showcase your art? Do you perform music, poetry or spoken word, stand up comedy, drama, sketch, and/or improv? We have the venue for you.

If you want to perform, please book ahead of time so we can put your name on the bill. Limited spots are available. Send an email to Syracuseimprovcollective at and tell us what you’d like to do.

There will be an improv jam at every show that will allow anyone to try their hand at performing improv.

Invite your family and friends. Meet new friends. Maybe you will even meet your future significant other. Anything could happen, and that’s what we aim for.