Past Bank Show Performers

The Bank Show is the SIC’s monthly improv and variety show which features a mix of local and regional performance artists. Below is a list of improv teams, comics, and musicians that have performed with us.

Satan’s Closet (Syracuse)
Oregon Fail (Syracuse)
Search Engine Improv (Rochester)
The Pauls (Rochester)
1matchfire (Rochester)
WAAAH!! (SUNY Fredonia)
Kathy’s Fur Coat (Syracuse)
Uncle Lina (Rochester)
Mouth Rocket (Syracuse)
Joey’s Appendix (Syracuse)
Mary Tyler Mortality (Syracuse)
Gentlemen, to Bed! (Syracuse)
Loustin (Rochester, RIT)
I Vomit, You Vomit (SIC Workshops Team, Syracuse)
Broken Couch
Buffalo Wedding
Next in Line
HAZMAT Love (SIC Class Team)
Mouse House Players (Syracuse University)
FM Improv Club
Eat The Cake (SIC Class Team)
Heavy Metal Heat Wave (Syracuse)
No Friends, Just Benefits (Syracuse)

The Worst (Syracuse)
ToTs! (Syracuse)
Jason Bean (Syracuse)
Rachael Lynn (Syracuse)
Fugulele (Syracuse)
Colin Aberdeen (Syracuse)
Zeke Leonard (Syracuse)
Kirsten Joy Kerlin (Syracuse)
The Witching Hour
Greg Maslyn
The Nudes
Sam Stinson
Dewey Lovett

Anna Hall (Rochester)
Dewey Lovett (Rochester)
Dario Josef (Rochester)
Maryanne Donnelly (Binghamton)
Anna Phillips (Syracuse)
Austin LaFond (Rochester)
Marcus Cox (Rochester)
Tim Almeter (ATTICA!)
Mikey Heller (Rochester)
Steve Rogers
Brian Doran
Nate Clark
Aaron Friedman

Canary in a Coal Mine (Rochester)

Visual Artists
Meghan Hickox-Grant
Frank West

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