Drop-In Classes

For a lot of people, trying improv is like riding a roller coaster for the first time. You need the comfort of a friend’s nervous laughter, and you need to know there will be only one loop and two big hills.

Drop-in classes are thrilling, just a little bit challenging, and a great entry point into our friendly community. We have an abundance of great teachers ready to share their wisdom and show you a good time. You can also expect a few experienced performers to show up. We all learn from each other. By the end of the night, we hope you feel the trust and support the SIC thrives on. Plus a few laughs.

Time & Location:

745 N. Salina St
Syracuse, NY 13208
(next door to Biscotti’s)

Bi-weekly Tuesdays
6:45 – 8:45PM

Drop-in Class: Welcome to the SIC

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Watch the side menu on this site or follow us on Facebook for future drop-in dates.