After Level 3…

For Collectivists – What To Do When You’re Done With Level 3

The Syracuse Improv Collective runs on the initiative and creative ambition of its members. After your Level 3 graduation show, you may be wondering – how can I stay involved in improv? Here are five suggestions for how to keep growing in the SIC:

Join A Committee

The SIC has three Committees, which report to the Board, that you can join. The Artistic Committee is responsible for coordinating shows and cultivating teams. The Marketing Committee handles our brand and outreach efforts. The Education Committee deals with all class scheduling and oversees their content. You can learn more, here: SIC Committees.

If helping on any of these groups interests you, please get in touch with their chairperson. The Committees meet roughly four times a year, and communicate regularly via Slack and email. This is a great way to leave your mark on the Collective, add to your resume, and work with some awesome people.

Form A Team

Have you connected well with some other performers? Provided you get along well and enjoy playing together, you should start a conversation about forming a team. Next steps include regular practices, hiring a coach, and talking with the Artistic Committee about a performance.

Alternatively, if you aren’t ready for a long-term team relationship, consider forming a one-shot performance group focused on a single form. You can practice a few times and still get into a show. Fun!

Join A Team

Occasionally our regular performance teams will seek out new members. These additions usually happen after someone leaves a group, or if the team wants to spice up their style with a new voice. While rare, it doesn’t hurt to ask a team if they are looking for new talent. You can also ask to sit in on a team practice, which is a great learning opportunity.


We have two primary volunteer opportunities at shows: hosting and running the box office. Depending on the venue, we may also need someone to run sound and lights. If any of these sound like fun to you, please contact the Artistic Committee.


Do you have professional experience as an educator? If you’re confident in your skill set as an instructor, consider leading a drop-in class. Our Education Committee can help you with lesson prep. Don’t worry if you’re relatively new to improv – this is a great learning opportunity for you, and we will all benefit from your expertise. Contact Phil Gross for more info.

Create An Event

Social butterflies, sign up here. We improvisers like hanging out. Throw a board game party, go for a hike, see a scripted show. Or talk to the Artistic Committee about putting on a special show with a unique twist. We’ve been known to appear at a certain shot clock in Armory Square…

Keep Learning

Your improv training doesn’t have to, nor should it, end with level 3. We have one-off workshops from instructors we bring in from around the country. You should also seek out more ways to keep learning and growing from others, near and far, if you are able. Check out the Rochester FB group; improv summer camps like Camp Improv Utopia East and Camp Magnet; intensives of different lengths in NYC (UCB, Magnet, PIT) and Chicago (Second City, Annoyance, iO); workshops at Bad Dog Theatre and Second City in Toronto; and so on. (Genevieve Sponsler, Jeremy Johnson, and Stephen Peters have been to several of these. Feel free to ask them for details.)

* * *

Having fun with the SIC and growing as an improviser doesn’t have to end with classes. We hope to see you around and having fun with our friendly community.