The Syracuse Improv Collective are improvisers and improv enthusiasts who join in community to enable the creation of shows, teams, workshops, and art. The only barrier to entry is participation, through performance or volunteering or classes.

Here are answers to some common questions. If you have more questions, please contact us!

1. Who is a Collectivist?

You are an ‘official’ Collectivist if you’ve met these three criteria:

  • Have completed the SIC Intro, Scene Work, and Harold Classes OR are a member of a SIC-sanctioned team.
  • Have performed or volunteered for a show in the last six months
  • Want to be considered a member of the SIC

2. How do I join a team?

SIC teams usually come together out of friendship, chemistry, or by proximity through classes (hopefully all three!). There is no limit to the number of teams you may join. Ideally, teams form out of Collectivists’ own initiation, or are created by a coach.

We expect teams to practice regularly in order to improve their craft, become better partners, and put on excellent shows. Any team that demonstrates this commitment is eligible to be voted in by the Artistic committee as a SIC-sanctioned team. Sanctioned teams receive two primary benefits: your team name goes on our website, and you can bill yourself as a SIC team in sundry performances.

2a. How do I get more practice time?

Continuing education through classes is a great way to improve. The SIC also offers opportunities to jam with different performers. Practices with a team are typically done in a member’s home, or in a reserved public space like a library. Teams are encouraged to engage a coach for practices.

2b. Can I coach a team?

Any member of a SIC-sanctioned team who has completed the SIC classes, and who wants to, can be a coach.

3. Who runs the SIC?

A volunteer board, which oversees four committees: Artistic, Education, Marketing, which are comprised of Collectivists only, and the Financial committee, which is made up only of board members.

3a. Can I join the board?

Anyone who wants to can join the Board – we admit new members twice a year.

3b. Who is on the board?

The current board is composed of Jill Tibbett (President), Mike Baker (Vice President), Michelle Kivisto (Secretary), Jeremy Johnston (Treasurer), Lauren Esposito, Mike Intaglietta, Christopher Malone, and Genevieve Sponsler.

3c. How do I volunteer?

At most shows we need helpers to host and to run the box office. Also, we are happy to take new Collectivist volunteers on one of our committees (especially Artistic). If you’re interested, please ask!

4. How else can I get involved?

We love our community. We enjoy collaborating with a lovely local story slam group. You will find us supporting local open mics, and performing at the shot clock in Armory Square. Every Fall we do a charity show for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. If you have a fun idea for adding some creative zest to our improv, let us know. Otherwise, see you in class or at the next show!



Last page edit – 3/26/18