A Little Spark Fundraiser

Our next monthly Bank Show is Friday, October 3, 2014. The proceeds from this show will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The show will take place in The Central New York Playhouse, which is located in Shoppingtown Mall. The show will start at 8 PM, and the doors will open a half hour in advance.

We love entertainment, comedy, fun, and drama as much as everyone else. We love to laugh, and we love to cry. Entertainment is about being affected. It’s about feeling passion toward performing and being an audience member.

Mental health is a sensitive topic across our nation and throughout the world. It’s something that has to be addressed and not brushed under the carpet.

It’s about raising awareness. It’s about being able to seek help when it’s needed. It’s about your being available and ready to help others — those close to you and even strangers. If it’s simply “being there” temporarily before those in need seek the treatment they need, your role is still important.

We lost many this year. We may have lost friends and family. We lost entertainers and role models we looked up to. Whether their depression led them to acting out violently, their resorting to drugs and overdosing, or ending their own lives — there are now holes.

There will be a $5 minimum donation, a suggested donation of $10, but there is no donation that is too large.



August Antics

We have two shows coming up next month, our standard Bank Show and a nonSICuitur Thursday, and both nights are going to keep the promise of containing all new material. Please, be sure to reflect upon shows of the past and enjoy those memories and moments, but you’ll have more to enjoy.



On Friday, August 8th, our monthly Bank Show is back!

The night is already packed-full of music, stand-up and improv for your enjoyment.

The Witching Hour returns with to play and boast their indie folk talent, kicking the evening off with great spirits and energy.

Our newest troupe, Hazmat Love, keeps their performance streak going. Doing what they are continually doing better and better, showcasing their long-form style through the constructed Harold.

The very funny Anna Phillips will standing up at the mic for a set. This well-known comedian in our area has such a charm when it comes to storytelling. Her personable style will definitely keep you laughing.

Two Fat Ladies from Rochester will be our improv guests of honor. These guys are big in the 585, but are very familiar to the 315.  Their long-form style improv is not to be missed.

Satan’s Closet graces the stage as the show’s improv headliner. Being one of the two original troupes of the SIC, the long-form troupe is made up of five seasoned improvisers geared to surprise you with improv like you’ve never expected.

And, as always, the very talented Frank and Meghan will be returning to show off their improvisational art skills. Their products will be auctioned off at the end of the show.

As always, the show takes place in the Central New York Playhouse, which is located next to the food court of Shoppingtown Mall. The show starts at 8 P.M. (doors open at 7:30 P.M.).  The show is $5.


Come one, come all! Join us at our signature open mic night on Thursday, August 21. This is the night where we celebrate artistry and talent of all kinds: improv, music, stand up comedy, sketch, dance, poetry, spoken word, and more!

We guarantee a no-pressure, judgement-free atmosphere for everyone who wants to perform. Let us know ahead of time so we can put you on the schedule.

The show will be at The Central New York Playhouse in Shoppingtown Mall.

The show starts at 8 PM, and the cost is only $3.

Please let us know in advance if you would like to participate.

The July Bank Show!

The Syracuse Improv Collective cordially invites you to their monthly Bank Show, which is taking place on July 11, 2014. The show will be taking place at The Central New York Playhouse in Shoppingtown Mall.

The doors will open at 7:30 PM for this 8 PM show. Tickets will be $5 as always.

Trio Nouveau headlines, showing off their improvisation skills.

HAZMAT Love will be making another appearance, showcasing the Harold form with a simple suggestion from the audience.

Austin Lafond and Vince Louis will be standing up while making you laugh.

Malvinas will be providing the tunes.




Photo courtesy of Mary Kate Intaglietta

The Shot Clock thing happened and it was a great opportunity for our performers to get out and bring some improv to the people rather than bringing people to the improv. At a guess, about 25 people stayed to watch all or most of the event and an additional 50 or so stopped by to watch five, ten, or 20 minutes of the marathon event. It’s our hope that we brought some entertainment to you all and thank you so much for coming.

The SIC was represented by Christopher, Stefanie, Phil, Philip, James, Ron, Ken, and Mike. The city of Syracuse provided a handful of  walk-ons, too.

Check out a photo album on the Facebooks.

This, or something like this, will definitely happen again so don’t worry if you missed this time around. Until then, you can always check us out at the next Bank Show July 11 at the CNYP!

150 Scenes 24 Seconds Each for 3600 Seconds

Saturday, June 28, 1pm (Weather Permitting)
Corner of Franklin and Walton Streets

math24 seconds is so little time for a scene. The scene has to be nothing but lean, because there is no time for fat. You have time to maybe establish a character and hint at an action before you’re being shoved aside for the next scene. You’ll have to wait for another opportunity to explore relationships. Don’t worry if you miss your chance, another one will be coming along in 24… 23… 22…

Any chance at developing themes and through lines is going to have to work across multiple scenes, and that shouldn’t be a problem because there will be 150 of them. How many characters are going to be created in 150 scenes? How many flashbacks?

And this thing is going to take an hour? For the performers, that’s an hour of intense concentration in a highly distracting outdoor downtown environment. Tracking characters, tracking plot, listening to the scene  when god knows what is happening around us. A much as the shot clock is keeping us focused on individual scenes, that hour hand is going to keep us focused on the larger picture. 150 disjointed scenes is not a thing people will want to see, it’s the cohesive piece that’s going to blow your minds.

Anyways, that’s all for us to worry about. All you have to do is grab a coffee or a slice and enjoy some free art created live right before you. 24 seconds 150 times for 3600 seconds and then it’s gone.




June Will Be Here Soon

After this month’s Bank Show bash — it really was a bash — and celebrating our very own Blum family’s departure to Wisconsin, the shows must go on. There will be a definite void, but the goodbye isn’t forever. Thank you to all who showed up. We appreciate your support and love.

Photo from Joe Blum:


Those (most) of the SIC family to make an appearance that night.


In June, we will be featuring our monthly Bank Show, and we’re bringing back our open mic night, Non SICuitur Thursday. Both shows will be held at The Central New York Playhouse in Shoppingtown Mall. Both shows will begin at 8 PM with a 7:30 PM door opening. The Bank Show cost is $5 and the Non SICuitur Thursday is only $3.

Both nights will feature music, comedy, and improv. We encourage all artists to participate in our open mic night. The space is not limited to just stand up, music, or improvisers; we welcome dancers, poets and spoken word artists, magicians, and other artists who want to show off their talents, gaining comfort performing in front of an audience. We guarantee a judgement-free atmosphere, and we won’t pressure you to participate if you don’t want to.

June Bank



May Bank Show


Even after a thrilling, fun-filled Thumbs UPstate Improv Festival, there is no rest for preparing for our next monthly bank show series.   As always, the show will be taking place at The Central New York Playhouse in Shoppingtown Mall.  The doors will open at 7:30 PM, and the show will begin at 8 PM.  The cost is only $5.

The line-up is as follows:

Gentleman, To Bed! doing improv!
The Red Herrings will be doing improv as well!
SU’s Mouse House will be scurrying from the hill to perform MORE improv!
Dario Joseph doing stand up!
Greg Maslyn doing music!




Our Harold Class is taking place from April 26 to June 7, 2014.  The cost is only $75.

Sign up here for this class and future classes.

Thumbs UPstate Improv Festival

Our annual Thumbs UPstate Improv Festival is April 3rd to the 5th, and all the shows will be held at The Central New York Playhouse in Shoppingtown Mall.

How much of a deal will this be?

Thumbs UP Super Fun Time Variety Hour(s): $5
Friday Improv Night: $5
Saturday Improv Night: $5
Workshops: $10
Festival Pass: $10  (Yes, we know, we’re nuts)


The three-night celebration will begin on Thursday, which will be held as our monthly Non SICuitur Thursdays. This will be designated as the Thumbs UP Super Fun Time Variety Hour(s).  The cost is $5 for this open mic set up and we’re accepting all performance artists, comics, magicians, musicians, poets, or sword eaters to perform.  This is the inaugural Thumbs UP Super Fun Time Variety Hour(s), and having participants of all kinds, especially sword eaters, would be awesome.

Click the link at the beginning of this post to sign up.

Friday and Saturday will be filled to the brim with drama and humor from improv troupes from all over the UPstate region:  Oswego, Ithaca, Rochester, Troy. and Manlius.

Oh, and Syracuse.

Workshops will be held Saturday morning for the low cost of $10, and all are welcome to attend.  Get your feet wet with improv.  We boast a fun, judgement-free zone, because we at the SIC want you to enjoy yourself and succeed.

For the full line up, please visit us at the festival’s website.

Remember:  The  three-night pass is only $10!!! Crazy deal!



Breaking the Bank: A Fundraiser Update

Wow, was our monthly Non SICuitur open mic night fun last night. A big thank you goes out to all in attendance, and to the students at The Big Picture School, all who came to get a feel of the wonderful Central New York Playhouse.  Be sure to check out our Facebook page for pictures. Hope to see you all again for our next non SICuitur show, Thursday, April 3.  This will be the opening ceremonies to our annual Thumbs Upstate Improv Festival.

This is a reminder for our very special event going on the night of Friday, February 28th. The Syracuse Improv Collective and Lafayette Big Picture School are teaming up to support local and public education.

The Lafayette Big Picture School is a public school that encourages its students to follow their passions. Proceeds will be headed toward the school for supplies that will help with student projects.

Those performing include:

Satan’s Closet
Gentlemen, To Bed
The Nudes (music)
Stand up from Mitch Dadey & Zerbie Hynson
An improv performance by Big Picture School’s students


Tickets are $10 and the show begins at 8 P.M. (doors open at 7:30).

Thank you for your continued support, and we cannot wait to see you there!

***   ***   ***

Oh, and our classes start tomorrow! Welcome to the next round!